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- EXP/SP x15.

- Drop/Spoil/Adena x5.

- Quest EXP/SP Reward x1.

- Quest Drop/Adena/Item Reward x1.

- Raid Boss Drop x3.

- Epic Raid Boss Drop x3.


- Maximum Clients per PC is 3.

- 2h duration on all buffs, dances, songs, summon, prophecies.

- Gear up to Dynasty can be purchased with adena.

- Auto Farm feature makes the grind a lot more enjoyable.


- 65% success rate for gear enchantment, Safe enchant +3, Max Enchant +16.

- 50% Elemental Stones chance, 30% Elemental Crystals chance.

- Command .enchant for convenient enchanting and adding attributes fast.

Internet Channel:

- 1Gbps channel ensures no lag in game.

- Antiddos protection provides stable server gameplay.

How to Play

To play on our project, you need to download our system patch and client. After your download is complete unzip the client and replace the system folder with our system patch. Use the L2.exe to connect to our login server. Accounts are auto-created.

Download Patch Download Client[High Five]

Comfortable Rates

We offer a mid rate server (x15) for an enjoyable leveling process and smooth character growth.

Convenient Features

Enjoy features such as auto farming, customizable character control panel, instant shopping/buffing/teleports with our community board and more!

Reliable Platform

We bring you premium files, constantly being updated and improved - alongside being hosted on powerful hardware!

Antibot Protection

Protection system - Strix-Platform.


Automatic Donation Delivery - PayPal

  • Pay using PayPal (instant and automatic ingame) using the button below.
  • After you have sent the payment you need to log ingame to claim your reward.
  • Type in game the command ".donate" and enter your email to claim your reward automatic.